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Ladies and gentlemen! The pages and coupons appear within 5-60 seconds after payment, depending on the number of simultaneous transactions from PayPal (the delay in payment confirmation comes from them). Earlier transactions wins the battle for the page. Claims will not be accepted, as the process is fully automated. You either did it in time, or you didn’t, and the controversial page was bought before you. Thank you for understanding.

≡Μ≡ - ONLY ONE 2 Mb file UPLOAD per month / Only 12 p.a.
And only for $4.00US for any uploaded forever file - with the equal rights to the maximum number of Uploads & their price for Billionaires and Homeless.
Attention! Once uploaded files can never be deleted from the Book of Humanity!

HUMANITYBOOK.COM® - financed not by Banks or by the new cunning corporate schemes, but by endless payments of the people themselves, who will writing Book from Generation to Generation for Truth History and, possibly, for Themselves in the Future! From 2020 to the end of the Universe!

From 2024 to 2034, the Book will go public (IPO)

& will rightly be declared as "the main property of the whole Humanity"

Attention! One zip file of 2 Mb (with 12 photos 576*720 and a large txt file-biography) about a person is enough for the memory of him to remain with humanity forever! Remember! You need to save only the most important information about yourself, about your parents, relatives and loved ones.

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Live in a New Way!

one place on the Internet for everything important -
for a lifetime and more-more longer - TOEVERFOREVER!
Calculations show that in this generation (2020-2041) only 360 million people (only 4.5% of earthlings) will have time to escape. However, from 2042 to 2063, about 4 billion people will survive. It is during these years that the prices for the best pages will skyrocket thousands of times!

! The best gift for yourself, your parents and loved ones - a personal dedicated page (e.g.) in The first million pages of the BOOK OF HUMANITY! $ 9,900.00US for $99.00US FOR THE FIRSTS ONLY!!...or (e.g.) In The Golden Billion Pages for only $2.00 - $12.00US with 99% Promocode! Check free page/s! Be the First!

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The time will soon come when the pages in the Book of Humanity will be a real commodity! And one of the most expensive on Earth! It's easy to explain - a dedicated page is your eternal address on the Internet. And it is more prestigious and convenient to have a page shorter and closer to the beginning of the Book! Think! It is also an amazing investment, which can bring you not hundreds, but thousands of percent profit! Follow the Shares on the platform HUMANITYBOOK.COM®

The numbers of purchased pages is unlimited.

Check, for example, to understand the difference:     21

Pages can be resold (with platform commission through donations or without, entirely at your discretion) - by transferring the login and password to a new user. In turn, all income from donations, excluding the cost of financial services, is spent on the construction of Private-State's repositories of human Master codes! We ask you to take this into account!

HUMANITY BOOK - - this is the world's first total project of all Humanity! An investment in which only 5 dollars from half of earthlings in each generation only once in a lifetime will solve all the issues with storing the digital part of the complete analog-digital Master codes of those people who want it themselves! Therefore, for everyone - only one download of one file per month! This repository stores only extremely important files about people and their life stories. The Truth will be stored here! For the first time in the world! The history of the world is just beginning! And it starts here! Hurry up to buy your personal ticket to the future! By 2035, Humanitybook.com will create a single interface for all devices and nations: it will be a new type of interface that will oust all other interfaces from the Internet field, about which people thought they would exist forever! The future is always unexpected! Save your full Master Code for REPLON TECHNOLOGIES or any other!